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About Us

DIET Agartala was established in the year 1996by  upgrading the Govt. Basic Training College . Formal Teacher Training  Programme in Tripura was introduced in 1954 offering the course Under Graduate  Teachers' Training  programme. One year later, in the year 1955, Post Graduate Basic Training(PGBT) Course was launched. Before that,teachers of Tripura State used to go Calcutta / Kolkata or Dhaccato take training. 'JAHAJ BARI', the palace of Durjoy Karta who was the younger brother of Maharaja  Birbikram Manikya, was bestowed for the training institution. Bangloo on the  TILLA and the LAKE, with its  natural beauty is till mesmerising  to the visitors. 

However, the DIET is working nowadays below the Tilla area in a newly constructed building . 

The academic activities and programmes envisaged by DIET Agartala are carried out by It’s  academic faculty concerned, that includes  Lecturers, PGT ( on deputation basis)  and Ministerial staff comprise the administrative section of DIET Agartala.