Welcome to District Institute of Education and Training (D.I.E.T), Agartala

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On the basis of the recommendation of National policy of Education (NPE), 1986, various District Institutes of Education and Training( DIETs) in the country, were established for the enhancement of quality of education and to create a desirable learning environment in the District. District Institute of Education and Training( DIET) Agartala which is one of the DIETs of Tripura adopts the attitude of a 'life – long – learner'. 

DIET Agartala is situated in Tilla Kunjaban area of Agartala, West district of Tripura State. West Tripura District is an administrative district in the state of Tripura in India. The district headquarters are located at Agartala with total area of 983.63 sq.km. It includes 9 Blocks, 87 Panchyatas, 3 Sub-divisions, 85 ADC Village, 5 Revenu Circles, 39TeshilKacheris(Tks) and 112 Total Mouja.

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